DETOX Fashion Radar

Transparency in sustainable chemical management for fashion brands.

Sustainable chemical management is a key part of any business that has a responsibility to the environment and people. The Detox Fashion Radar shows fashion brands that are serious about detoxing their supply chain and taking action in managing chemicals sustainably. It's like a map, showing how far we've come in changing the fashion industry.

At ZDHC, we wanted to make an easy-to-use platform that shows committed brands and how far they have come on their Roadmap to Zero journeys. Think of it like a ship's radar used to find a path through foggy waters. This is what our Detox Fashion Radar does by providing centralised information about fashion brands and their level of implementation performance. This makes it easier for everyone to see which brands are really working hard to make the fashion industry safer and cleaner.

On our radar, Brands are positioned within rings corresponding to their implementation performance levels (as determined by their annual Brands to Zero assessment results). They are plotted without ranking within these rings, and their progress over time can be tracked through our Path History function. These trailblazing Brands are catalysts in the movement to detoxing fashion. Brands missing from the radar should examine the factors contributing to their absence.

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Sustainable chemical management should be a natural part of any business that has a great responsibility to the environment and to people. The Detox Fashion Radar benchmarks fashion brands on their level of progress in implementing ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero Programme across their value chains.

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1 ZDHC Leaders to Zero
2 ZDHC Brand Contributors
3 Friends of ZDHC
4 Like-minded Organisations


What is the Roadmap to Zero Programme?

ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero Programme outlines a clear path for brands, manufacturers and chemical suppliers to follow in order to phase hazardous substances out of their supply chains. The programme comprises in-depth guidelines, tools and educational modules – focused on the chemicals and chemistry used in manufacturing and sustainable water management – and accelerates the industry’s progress towards our ultimate goal: safer production that results in cleaner water and cleaner air, globally.

Who is on the radar?

A brand currently participating in the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme or working with an alliance partner of ZDHC can be featured on the radar. It thereby shows its commitment to reducing its chemical footprint.

What do the different rings represent?

The closer to the centre of the radar a brand is, the further advanced they are on their journey to phase out harmful chemicals from their supply chain.

The first ring, ZDHC Leaders to Zero, features brands that have achieved the Aspirational Level in ZDHC’s Brands to Zero Programme’s latest assessment. These brands have committed to the highest level of sustainable chemical management across their value chains.‍

The second ring, ZDHC Brand Contributors, features brands that are proactive contributors to ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero Programme. These brands are also a part of the Brands to Zero Programme and are on their journey towards achieving Aspirational level through their commitment to phasing out the intentional use and discharge of harmful chemicals within their value chains.

The third ring, Friends of ZDHC, features Friends of ZDHC. These brands are not part of the Brands to Zero Programme but they actively use ZDHC’s Guidelines, Platforms and Solutions to improve their sustainable chemical management across their value chains. This level is the entry point into ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero Programme and supports brands to pick up speed in implementing ZDHC’s Guidelines and Solutions internally and in their supplier base.

The fourth ring, Like-minded Organisations, features brands that are members or partners of other robust sustainable chemical assessment tools and are considered to be actively improving their chemical management.

Who can get on the radar?

Brands who participate in ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero Programme as a Contributor or Friend feature on the radar. Additionally, brands that work with other comparable sustainable chemical management programmes and tools feature in the outer most layer of the radar. To find out more visit the Roadmap to Zero website.

Get on our radar!

Are you a brand committed to reducing its chemical footprint? Get on our radar! We are taking applications from brands who are on a journey to detoxing fashion. Send us your application form.

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